Abu Dhabi Digital Marketing Course: Certified 1 week Practical Workshop

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November 10 - November 13 (25 hrs)

9.7 ( 40 reviews ) - 442 graduates

Digital Marketing is one of the most powerful skill sets in the tool chest of the modern professional, and like any constantly changing topic, can be hard to navigate. In order to solve this, AstroLabs Academy has built a 4-day intensive Digital Marketing workshop track, built by and for professional practitioners.

Our goal with this program is to offer practical, hands-on, up-to-date learning modules which can turn anyone from a novice to a high impact competent certified digital marketing professional.

We have run this program over 20 times in the last 2 years in Dubai, and across the GCC with over 400 graduates (previous attendees testimonials).

What you will learn

Complete Strategy & Best Practices for the Region

You'll develop a comprehensive digital strategy tailored, with best practices tailored to the region.

Topics Covered: Display Ads, SEM, SEO, Social Media, Email and More!

Google Display Network, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Twitter Ads, Programmatic, Affiliate, Influencer Marketing, Email, Drip Campaigns, Retargeting / Remarketing, Google Analytics and more!

Blended Learning Offline and Online

Lifetime access to AstroLabs online learning portal with videos to help you on your learning journey.

KHDA, Google Analytics & Google Adwords Certification

You'll get an official KHDA diploma, along with 2 Google certifications (Google Ads and Google Analytics) upon completion of this weeklong training.

Stay Up To Date With 2019 Marketing Trends

We'll keep you up-to-date on the upcoming digital trends both globally and regionally for 2019 and beyond!

Learn To Track Conversion Rate & ROI Planning

Create your own dashboards and custom reports, to measure your return on investment for all of your digital marketing campaigns.

Connecting to Recruiters and Employment Opportunities

We'll connect you to our large network of job opportunities as well as recruiters in our network, to help you advance in your career.

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5̶,̶0̶0̶0̶ ̶A̶E̶D̶
4,000 AED
Early Bird Pricing

Starts November 10

30 days money-back guarantee

Flexible installments plan

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Digital Marketing - Dubai

 Al Quoz 1, The Courtyard, AstroLabs Campus - Dubai

Digital Marketing - Jeddah

 Kayanspace Abdul Rahman Faqiyh, Ash Shati, Jeddah

Digital Marketing - Riyadh

 Al Imam Malik Rd, AstroLabs Campus - Riyadh

Digital Marketing (Arabic) - Riyadh

 Al Imam Malik Rd, AstroLabs Campus - Riyadh

Our partners & graduates

What you will walk out with

Have a full view of the whole Digital Marketing Landscape and understand how channels can work together
Learn how to develop a Digital Marketing Strategy for your business and in your current role
Learn how to report on your marketing efforts and track all of your data (including Conversion Rate and Cost Per Acquisition of Customers)
Learn how to not waste money on your efforts and to focus on performance!
Learn how to create campaigns on Ads (Display & Search), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Mailchimp and more!
Learn to track everything through Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
Learn to bring in organic traffic to your site (through Search Engine Optimization, Content and Social Media)
Learn to do all of your marketing inhouse, or manage an outsourced team / agency
Become proficient in all the major tools used in digital marketing
Get Google certified in Ads and Analytics

Timings & Locations

November 10 - November 13

Sunday to Wednesday from 10am to 4pm

Show Schedule

Date Time
Sunday, November 10 10am-4pm
Monday, November 11 10am-4pm
Tuesday, November 12 10am-4pm
Wednesday, November 13 10am-4pm

Meet your industry-leading instructors

Our educational excellence is a community effort. When you learn at AstroLabs, you can always rely on in-house team of experts to provide guidance and support, whenever you need it.

Ahmad Abugosh
Director of Marketing & Learning Programs at AstroLabs

Director of Marketing & Learning Programs at AstroLabs, leading workshops and events at AstroLabs Academy. Previously worked at MBC, Namshi, and RBBI, and has professional expertise in Analytics, Digital Marketing, Full-stack Web Development, and Business Intelligence. BS Computer Engineering from American University of Sharjah and Google certified since 2012.

Aida Sahraoui
Co-Founder at WONE Consultancy

Aida has a passion for performance marketing and helping others achieve their business goals. She is the Co-Founder of the boutique performance online marketing company WONE Consultancy. Previously Aida has worked at France 24 and Kayade Middle East and has a Master’s degree in International Business for SME’s from Rennes1 University.

Course details 7 modulesExpand all

Module 1 – Comprehensive Digital Marketing Workshop

This workshop will focus on how to implement a successful online marketing strategy, by learning about every important marketing channel. Understand the advantages of each channel, and how you can use them to achieve your marketing and business goals.

What will be covered?

  • Push Marketing: Display- GDN (Google Display Network), Facebook, LinkedIn Ads
  • Pull Marketing: SEM- PPC, Google Ads, setting up your first campaign, Adgroups and Keywords
  • Long term marketing: SEO (Technical & Content), Organic Social Media (Automation, Growth Hacking & Content)
  • Customer Retention: CRM, Newsletter, Segmentation and Automation. Drip campaigns and Chat bots
  • Optimizing the funnel: Making smart changes to your site. How to setup Retargeting (Facebook and Google)
  • Analytics: Using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to create dashboards and track goals

Module 2 – Mastering Google Analytics Workshop

Learn to Master Google Analytics: Track the important KPI’s needed for your business, tell stories with your data, Import Advanced Metrics & Dimensions, Customize Your Reports & Dashboards with the exact data you need, Automate key processes, and get Google certified.

What will be covered?

  • Basic tracking and Analytics concepts (source/medium, grouping data)
  • Tracking all channels (by UTM tagging url’s)
  • Demographic and User Data
  • To define Events, Goals and Ecommerce Transactions
  • To setup Conversion Funnels (with and without Enhanced Ecommerce Enabled)
  • Create Custom Segments, Reports and Dashboards
  • Intelligence Events & Custom Alerts
  • To tell a story with your data, by asking the right questions
  • Integration With Adwords, and other Social Media channels
  • Dimension Widening and Importing Cost Data
  • Integration with Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Tag Manager
  • Autoevent tracking with Google Tag Manager
  • Cross Device Tracking
  • Automation with Google API and Excel
  • Get Google certified!

Module 3 – Display Push Marketing Workshop

Learn about Display Marketing, and how to reach a wide audience interested in your product. In this workshop, we will cover the basics of online display advertising, including Display ads, GDN (the Google Display network), Facebook Ads, Placements, Affiliates, and Retargeting (on Google, Facebook and using 3rd party tools like AdRoll).

What will be covered?

  • The Basics of Display Marketing
  • Differences between CPC, CPM, CPA and CPV
  • Ad networks and individual sites
  • The 3 main ways to target on GDN (contextual, placements and demographics)
  • Setting up your first display campaign
  • Basics of placements, and affiliates
  • Advertising on Youtube
  • Basics of Facebook marketing
  • Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Twitter ads
  • Levers used for higher reach and lower costs on Facebook
  • Differences between Retargeting and Remarketing
  • How to setup a remarketing campaign
  • How to build a remarketing list on Google and Facebook
  • Similar Lists on Facebook
  • RLSA (Remarketing Lists Search Ads) on Google
  • Setting up remarketing on Google Analytics

Module 4 – Advertising with Google Ads Workshop

Learn to fully utilize Google’s advertising platform AdWords to grow your business, benefit the organization & clients you serve, and advance in your career.

What will be covered?

  • The basics of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Pull Marketing
  • Understanding pay-per-click advertising
  • Understanding Adwords account structure & Adtypes
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword match types
  • Using negative keywords
  • Keyword Planner Tool
  • Budget Estimations
  • Creating a new campaign, Setting up a new campaign
  • Budget strategy
  • Creating effective adgroups
  • Keyword, ad text strategy, Bid strategy
  • Understanding the AdWords auction
  • Understanding  and improving quality score
  • Performance & Defining conversions
  • Testing Ads and CPC optimization
  • Tracking and Reporting

Module 5 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Workshop

If you’ve ever wondered how to get your website on the front page of search engines, the answer you’ve been looking for is SEO. In this course, you will gain a better understanding of how search engines work and how to use them to your advantage. You can increase your business’ revenue and gain a very in-demand skill to help you advance in your career.

What will be covered?

SEO Introduction & Evolutions

  • How Google updates Panda & Penguin changed the SEO industry
  • What is Mobilegeddon update & how to optimize your website for mobile
  • How security update impacted the rankings & when is the best time to migrate to HTTPS
  • Why Local SEO is not traditional SEO & how to optimize your website for local search


  • How to run an SEO technical audit on your website & identify quick win actions? How to optimize your website structure : Internal linking, menus, footers, page depth, the site-map and other technical criteria, such as the page speed
  • How to fight against internal duplicate content generated by CMS or wrong technical setup
  • Tool reviews : Google Search Console, Screaming Frog,


  • How to identify relevant keywords for your business & evaluate the competition on these key phrases
  • How to structure the site so that each page covers just one thematic
  • How to localize your content to be visible internationally
  • Tool reviews : Google Trends, Keyword Adplanner, Copyscape


  • How to measure your link profile & evaluate your potential in a competitive market
  • What are the best practices for getting natural backlinks
  • How Social Media can help you during your link building strategy
  • Tool reviews : Ahref, Majestic SEO, Link Research tool, Buzzsumo,


  • Is keyword ranking the only relevant KPI for your SEO activity
  • What are the main KPIs to evaluate your SEO strategy
  • Tool reviews : AWR, Search Metrics, Google Analytics, Google Search console

Module 6 – Crafting A Social Media Strategy Workshop

Without an engine, cars don’t operate and without a hand-crafted unique content strategy you won’t stand out! In a digital age full of brands competing for the attention of consumers, you need to distinguish yourself by crafting a content strategy that focuses on consumers while achieving your business objectives. In this class you’ll be able to hand-craft an engine with horsepower that’ll shift your social media presence from zero to hero!

What will be covered?

  • Why Content Strategy
  • Roles of Social Media Platforms
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Strategy
  • Tone of Voice
  • Posting Frequency
  • Posting Times
  • Scheduling & Automation
  • Content Pillars
  • Creatives Vs. Copy
  • Brand Advocacy & Community Engagement
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Important Key Performance Indicators’
  • Performance Review & Assessing Success
  • Live and Real time content
  • Influencer marketing

Module 7– Email Marketing & Customer Retention Workshop

This workshop will cover the basics of how to setup email campaigns, how to code in basic HTML, how to design off of responsive professional looking templates, and how to track and setup automated campaigns (using drip campaigns and workflows), with the end goal of having a rock solid digital customer retention strategy in place.

What will be covered?

  • List Building
  • Use cases of successful list building campaigns
  • Comparison of Popular Tools
  • Types of email campaigns
  • Marketing, Transactional, Welcome and Automated Emails.
  • Setting up Automated emails and Drip Campaigns
  • Retention tactics
  • Content email strategies
  • Basics of HTML coding for newsletters (practical coding session)
  • Tools to test Subject Line and Click Rate
  • Analytics (Google Analytics, Measuring Open Rate, CTR, Events & Goals)
  • Drip campaigns, automation and triggers
  • Working with Chatbots (using Many Chat) and Facebook Messenger Lists

A strong network of alumni

AstroLabs Academy reviews

Shaima Hamidaddin
Executive Manager – MiSK Foundation

Coming from a non-technical background this workshop enlightened in so many areas and caused me to think of my startup in a whole new light.

Jana Al Qahtani
Senior Digital Marketing Executive - Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy

It was very informative it was also great in terms of sharing case studies and best practices.

Ammar Waganah
CEO & Co-Founder - Dokkan Afkar

Great mentors and a great team, AstroLabs Academy empowers entrepreneurs to shape the digital markets in the Arab world.

Hossein Bukhamseen
CTO - Hungerstation

Don’t learn the hard way to scale your online business, Go To AstroLabs!

Frequently asked questions

What certifications will I receive?

Upon completion of this course, you will receive 2 Google certifications (one for Google Analytics and one for Google Ads), as well as one Dubai Government Diploma from the KHDA authority.

Will I have access to online material and recordings?

Yes, you will have lifetime access to videos as well as additional recorded material when signing up for our digital marketing course.

How will this help me get a job / advance in my career?

Digital marketing is one of the most in-demand fields for the modern economy. It has high earning potential and is a skill that can help any business grow. We have helped several graduates land jobs after completing this course. Upon completion of this program, we cannot guarantee employment, but we will connect you with recruiters and open positions from our network.

About Astrolabs Academy

About AstroLabs Academy
AstroLabs Academy delivers specialized courses on topics in digital business including digital marketing, coding, analytics & big data, UX design, and business development. We regularly run open classes available to the public as well as develop and deliver custom-made curricula for corporate clients and incubators/accelerators across the region.